Novartis: Together in HF Platform

Social Network, 2017

Novartis and our agency worked together to create a social media platform to help reduce readmission for those with heart failure. I spent many months on the project as the lead user experience designer as well as an advocate for user research, which we later conducted. Dealing with patient privacy and HIPAA can be quite difficult, but we managed to create an excellent platform that allowed those suffering, those who know others battling, and those taking care of survivors of heart failure.

I strategized and created emails, sitemaps, feature documentation, surveys, ideation workshops, sign up flows, and general updates to the site to increase returning users and keep users engaged.

After creating a survey to identify new features, content priority, and user satisfaction, we learned that readmission rates had decreased and were correlated higher with those that used the platform more frequently! The site can be viewed here: