Johnson & Johnson: Internal Chatbot

Chatbot, 2017

Through a lot of conversation with the client, our agency was leveraged to build something extraordinary and wow internal teams. We worked closely with the client to uncover a problem within the organization: too many internal communication channels and touchpoints. We were sent off on stakeholder interviews, which were essentially our user interviews. We uncovered painpoints and discussed different ways to solve the problem (solution agnostic, of course). I took extensive notes on each employee and came back with a deck of major takeaways that included: Basics, Behaviors, Challenges, and Vision.

The team workshopped with the client and we ideated around user goals and what features this product could include in our quick timeline. The team landed on a chatbot to solve our users' problems, in which it delivered personalized communications at the right time and place for each individual employee, based on user preferences and behavior. We then went to process flow diagrams, sitemapping, and wireframing.

My wireframes went into design and development at the same time, getting the developer involved as early as possible. During this time, I helped manage the project in Airtable with all tasks for the developer, designer and QA moving intandem. Once the project was in a good spot, I created a testing plan for employees of the organization to use and help us iterate for future iteration. The testing plan included different scenarios, desirability testing, and usability testing of our features, information architecture, and UI.