Facebook and HYLA Mobile: E-commerce Site

E-commerce, 2016

Research and Strategy

Two well known companies joined together to make recycling and donating gently-used phones easier and better for the environment. For initial research, I conducted a traffic analysis and a competitive analysis, but we focused a lot on initial user testing. I believe there are times where it's very useful to user test the current site looking for current pain points and functionality.

After user testing the initial site by using a detailed testing plan including tasks related to business goals, I categorized each row of feedback into a main takeaway. After I had a column full of takeaways within user research, I categorized each of the feedback points into priority level and area of build (content, functionality, and design). This was critical because the client (as many clients do) assumed the design needed the most attention, but in reality, the content was why the users were not converting.

After completing the initial research, I wrote all the user stories by using my initial research and conversations with the client. I worked very closely with the developer to come up with a sprint plan that made the most sense for him to build. After workshopping user stories, I starting my wireframing process in Sketch. I worked very closely with the designer to align with his moodboard and vision.

With the wires in a good spot, I dedicated a day to user testing, while performing rapid prototyping. After each user, I adjusted the prototype to decrease time on task, confusion, awkward labeling, and even remove functionality that the client requested to gather feedback on.

I created a thorough tracking and measurement strategy to ensure the effectiveness of the product, however, I left the agency shortly after and the live site has since been taken down. Valuable lessons were still learned, such as content and messaging is the crux of a great user experience and that there's always opportunities to learn from users throughout the entire design process.