Florida Blue: E-Commerce Site

E-commerce, 2016

One of the largest health insurance companies in Florida reached out to our agency to help redesign their website. The reason being? It's now mandated that everyone has health insurance, and they want to capitalize on people buying directly from their website.

My supervisor and I both handled this project due to its size and timeline. I started out with a content audit to help inform the new architecture of the site. We hypothesized personas and used them to inform most of our design and content decisions. As time passed, I was in charge of developing concepts for the UI in the shopping flow, while my supervisor, Tricia, was implementing them in wires to present.

After we had enough wires, we went out to test our ideas. The client arranged user testing in a research facility. Tricia and I went to both Jacksonville and Hialeah (both 3 hour drives from our location) to test on users who had been screened by the client's researchers. We developed our wires in Illustrator and our prototype in InVision. We spent 2 days at each location, testing 8 people a day, 32 in total. In addition to this, I ran about 60 tests in UsabilityHub to get quick user insights.

I hand-wrote the testing scripts and test tasks in English and in Spanish to test both demographics. I translated all of the copy to Spanish in the comps used for the prototype, made a Spanish version of the prototype in InVision, and took notes (from the Spanish users) during the user testing in the research facility.

We researched through the entirety of the planning and wireframing phase, and our takeaways would be too many to list. We made informed decisions on specific copy in English and Spanish, we understood the paths users were taking to purchase health insurance, or why users didn't want to purchase health insurance at all, saying it was a, "government scam." The research is now implemented on the site and is performing marginally better than the previous version.